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Email & Content Marketing

Boost Your Business with email & content marketing

Despite the popularity of Social Media, email marketing is still one of the most effective ways of targeting customers.

Let’s get emailing!

Current statistics suggest that for every £1 spent on email marketing you can expect a return of £44. That’s an impressive return that might surprise you with the emphasis on Social Media marketing today. The fact is we all have email. It’s generic among pretty much every online user today which makes it a powerful way to reach new and existing customers.

We can help you utilise email in your marketing campaign to best effect. Our team will create engaging content for your email campaign and then put it into practice.

We will work with you to monitor the effectiveness of your email campaign and help ensure you see a great return on your email marketing budget. Talk to us today to find out more.

What do you charge for this service?

We charge £59/month for this service which includes 500 email subscribers. For every additional 500 subscribers there is a further £5 charge. For example a newsletter sent to 501 subscribers would cost £54.

Our fee includes newsletter design and a full follow up report with detailed statistics so you can understand how effective your campaign has been. We will create and send up to 4 newsletters a month to your subscribers.

Will you setup and manage my email campaign for me?

Absolutely! In addition to writing great copy for your email campaign we will manage all the technical aspects of delivering it to your email list. We’ll actively monitor the results in order to help fine tune future campaigns.

Why should I use your service rather than do this myself?

We believe your time is spent doing what you do best – running your business. Setting up and running an effective email campaign is very time consuming. We’re great at it and are confident that the high quality copy we produce for your campaign along with our technical expertise will help drive lead generation and sale conversions. If you’re looking for an email campaign that can sell then talk to us today.

What email service do you use?

We use MailChimp to power our email marketing service. Their highly sophisticated email systems ensure great levels of deliverability ensuring your message ends up where it’s meant to be… in your customers inbox.

I'm working to a deadline - can you help?

Yes, we’re normally able to accommodate tight deadlines – we understand you sometimes just need to get content out there fast! We respond to all enquires on the same day so we’ll be able to let you know how long a project will take quickly.