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Social Media Marketing

Get your business noticed with an effective social media marketing campaign

Want to promote your business to thousands of people?

Today, tens of thousands of people look for businesses using Social Media. If your business isn’t there then you’re missing out! Make sure your business can be found on Social Media with our exceptional value Social Media Marketing package.

Social Media has become a game changer in the way we all communicate and search for topics of interest. With millions of participants in social networking conversations on a daily basis this is a potential goldmine for businesses looking to find new customers and interact with their existing clients.

However there is a catch. Time. There is never enough of it and to run an effective Social Media campaign for your business takes not only time (and a lot of it!) but an understanding of how Social Media networks operate.

That’s where we come in. We will setup (if required) and manage a Facebook and Twitter page for your business interacting with potential customers and building brand awareness for your business 5 days a week by creating great content which is shared regularly through these networks…. all for just £59/month.

We know Social Media marketing will help rapidly drive more customers to your business than ever before. But don’t just take our word for it. Sign up for your free 30 day Social Media Marketing trial and see exactly how we work.

A Complete Social Media Marketing Package

Social Media accounts setup including artwork

Social Media promotion on Facebook and Twitter

Social posts and audience engagement 5 days a week

Carefully crafted content relevant to your audience

Guaranteed Social Network growth

Comprehensive monthly report

Just £59/month with no minimum contract


Your Social Media Questions Answered!

what do you charge for this service?

We’re able to offer clients a fully managed Social Media service across Facebook and Twitter for the incredibly low price of just £59 per month. There are no minimum contracts, no setup fees and absolutely nothing to lose by giving it a go!

We offer a free 30 day trial – no card needed. To book your trial click here.

What can I expect from the service?

We will begin with an initial consultation to find out more about your business. From this information we will plan a Social Media Marketing campaign designed to raise awareness of your business across Facebook and Twitter.

Our team will create relevant content to promote your business and encourage people to follow your social accounts. We will actively work to increase the number of followers thereby the number of people who engage with your business.

How many updates will you post?

It’s all about quality not quantity in this game! We will post & tweet about your business up to two/three times a day 5 days a week on Facebook and Twitter at optimal hours to engage with your target audience. We also include unlimited interaction time to help build relationships with potential customers and to answer any questions they raise.

This all may seem a little confusing especially if you’ve not used Social Media before. Talk to us and we’ll explain how it all works.

What results can I expect to see?

We would expect to see an increase in the number of ‘likes’ on your Facebook page and followers on your Twitter account. This should translate into an increase in enquiries to your business from potential customers which of course means more sales!

Will this take up much of my time?

Not at all. After our initial consultation we will take over the management of your Social Media accounts freeing up your time to concentrate on providing great services to your customers.

Can I monitor how effective a campaign is?

Yes – we will provide you with a detailed report at the end of every month which shows how engaged people were with your social accounts and other useful stats.

Does social media help with website SEO?

Whilst nothing can be guaranteed when it comes to website search rankings it is absolutely the case that the more ‘visible’ your business is online the greater the odds that Google will improve your site ranking. In addition, having a vibrant Social Media community demonstrates to new & existing customers that your business is ‘alive and well’ increasing the chance of them using or continuing to use your services.

Do you offer Social Media Training?

If you decide to use our Social Media Marketing service and would like to take part in managing your Social Media accounts alongside our team then we are very happy to ‘show you the ropes’ allowing you to add content to your Facebook and Twitter profiles when relevant!

For those of you who would rather go it alone and run your own Social Media accounts we are able to provide a personalised training session either in person or via phone and screen sharing. This training session will show you exactly how to use Facebook and Twitter for the benefit of your business. The session will last approximately 1.5hrs hours and costs £59.